Micro Thermoelectric Modules

Our micro thermoelectric modules are specially designed for cooling and heating applications where electrical components’ performance relies on precise temperature control within the confined compartment. Typical applications include LD and Superluminescent Diodes, X-Ray and IR- Sensing Applications, Photodetectors, Avalanche Photodiodes (APD), etc.

Product CodePN #Imax(A)Vmax(V)Qmax(W)Δtmax(℃)WI (mm)LI (mm)WII (mm) LII (mm) H (mm)
TEM1-0800116228 P&N0.98 A0.92 V0.53 W65ºC1.
TEM1-1801202718 P&N1.01 A2.07 V1.22 W69ºC2.
TEM1-27016304927 P&N1.6 A3.3 V2.9 W69ºC34.24.930.94
TEM1-27012305127 P&N1.14 A3.1 V2.1 W69ºC34.45.130.9
TEM1-02501234825 P&N1.02 A2.87 V1.7 W71ºC2.
TEM1-3801295138 P&N1.32 A4.36 V3.4 W66ºC2.
Product CodePN #Imax(A)Vmax(V)Qmax(W)Δtmax(℃)WI (mm)LI (mm)WII (mm) LII (mm) H (mm)
TEM1-0081616228 P&N1.6 A1 V0.6 W83ºC1.6mm1.6mm2.6mm1.6mm1.05mm
TEM1-01213152512 P&N1.28 A1.9 V0.8 W93ºC1.5mm2.10mm2.5mm1.5mm0.85mm
TEM1-01814212718 P&N1.4 A2.9 V1.33 W86ºC2.05mm2.05mm2.7mm2.05mm0.85mm
TEM1-02115273621 P&N1.5 A1.62 V1.6 W83ºC2.65mm3.1mm3.6mm2.65mm0.95mm
TEM1-02711345527 P&N1.1 A3.5 V2 W83ºC3.4mm4.5mm5.5mm3.4mm1.13mm
TEM1-03611307236 P&N1.1 A4.5 V2.7 W83ºC3mm6.2mm7.2mm3mm0.95mm
TEM1-03916286239 P&N1.6 A5.5 V3.6 W83ºC2.8mm5.4mm6.2mm2.8mm1.00mm